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About This Product

These pillow slippers are made of lightweight and durable material. It is a thick-soled slipper that can effectively absorb front and rear shocks and reduce foot pressure. The ultra-soft Cloud Slipper gives you all-day comfort and long-lasting support.

Of course, it can also be used in many places, such as bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, college dorms, public showers, spas, gyms, swimming pools, beaches, camping, and anywhere else. Let you relax wherever you go.

In addition to the above, these slippers are very light, very breathable, easy to clean, rinse in cold water, dry quickly, please avoid heat deformation.

About This Design

Our large area textured material design provides excellent slip resistance, increased friction and grip, easy to clean non-slip rubber outsole and versatility means you can wear it anywhere from home to outdoors without worrying about slipping fall.

Whether it’s snuggling him up on an incredibly soft pillow or slipping into this pair of slippers so light, there’s nothing more on earth.



Soft Pillow Slippers are inspired by the pillows we use every day: if soft pillows give us comfort, why not slippers?

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A good mood starts with a pair of soft slippers and a pair of comfortable sleeping socks. Looking forward to more new designs from us? Come join our community!

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